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    Default my 16 week old wont sleep day or night

    Hi im new to this and new to being a mummy i really need some help.
    My 16 week old wont sleep during the day im lucky to get him to sleep 20 mins at a time and at night im lucky to get 2 hours hes not really hungry as he will only drink 20 - 40 ml. im drained and ratty and snappy at my partner and we never argue. ive spoken to a doctor and they have told me pretty much to deal with it he will sleep when hes ready...

    please someone help me...

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    First of all hugs, hang in there it will get better eventually! Have you got a sleep school anywhere nearby? I went through months of sitting perfectly still with DD asleep on my chest through the day! I HATED it at the time but now I kinda miss the peaceful cuddles (after the extensive patting to sleep of course lol!) I tried cosleeping, not for me or DH we both slept terribly but bubba slept really well.
    The thing I found best which helped at night was differenciating night feeds from day ones. I didn't talk, cuddle or make eye contact through the night and didn't turn on the lights, just cracked the door with the light in the next room. I also never changed her nappy overnight unless it was dirty. After a few weeks of this she would wake for a feed and go straight back to sleep with no patting.
    I don't have any real help for the day sleeps though sorry. We ended up CC which I know is a personal decision and many people are against. Most sleep schools use gentle methods but have waiting lists so put your name down asap.
    Hope things settle soon, sleep deprivation sucks

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    Default my 16 week old wont sleep day or night

    During the day try putting bub in a carrier or in the pram for their sleeps. That way you get stuff done and bub rests. My dd1 wasn't a day sleeper and only slept in pram or carrier till 6mths.

    Of a night - I can only recommend a solid pattern of events. I find that good day sleeps breed good night sleeps. Once you get the days sorted the nights should be easier.
    Good luck.


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