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    Default Zoloft for PND causing extreme fatigue

    I have been on Zoloft for 1 year now for PND. I started on 50mg, and increased to 100mg after 6 months as I was still suffering some symptoms.

    I have been feeling extremely tired for the past few months but put it down to my son not sleeping through the night. Now he sleeps through most nights, or will only wake once for a quick bottle and go straight back to sleep.

    I usually go to bed at 9pm and will sleep until 6-7am, with maybe getting up once during the night. I can then easily have a two hour nap in the afternoon when my son sleeps. That is almost 10-12 hours per day! And trust me, I'd have more if I could get it. But it's annoying. I want to get stuff done. I want to be active and exercise and play with my son, but I can't because I am so lethargic.

    I have mentioned it to my doctor and she said it would be the Zoloft as other problems with iron and thyroid levels etc are normal.

    My PND symptoms have improved dramatically and I can confidently say I am not suffering anymore. I don't think my tiredness is due to depression (as I know this can be a symptom), but I am starting to feel depressed about being so tired all the time. When my husband is home on the weekend, all I do is sleep, as if I am catching up. He said he has never known me to sleep so much.

    I am starting to look at returning to work a few days a week, but am worried I won't be able to cope because of the tiredness. My doctor suggested maybe trying to slowly come off the Zoloft, but I am so scared my PND symptoms will come back.

    Anyone else experience this extreme fatigue while on Zoloft?

    How long were you on Zoloft for?

    How did you wean off it and did your symptoms reappear?

    I know everyone's experience is unique and I would always talk to my doctor before making changes to my medication. I am just interested in the experience of others

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    Hi There,

    About 14 years ago when I was moving onto new medication due to no reactions to my old one anymore, I was put on Zoloft. I have heard conflicting things about Zoloft. From memory it made me tired and irritable. I know I was only on it for about 6 months before I argued that it wasn't correct for me and I moved onto something else that worked perfectly.

    If you find that Zoloft isn't working right for you, I would discuss with your doctor weaning off them and possibly onto another drug (if you feel you need it), or weaning off them if you feel that you are ready and can cope with out the medication.

    Practising your coping techniques when you feel everything getting too much is a great helper. As well as laying down, doing a full body clench and hold for 5 seconds (keep slow relaxed breathing) and the release your breath and your muscles.

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    Default Zoloft for PND causing extreme fatigue

    I took Zoloft a few years ago but don't recall the fatigue you are mentioning. I have a 10mth old who only wakes once at night so I am only up for about 10mins for a quick bottle feed but I still feed really tired. I go to bed at 9am and get up at 7am and am still so tired by lunchtime.

    Instead of stopping the Zoloft you could try to cut back to 75mg or 50mg
    slowly and see if that helps. I was on another strong anti depressant at one time and had bad side effects but they abated just by lowering the dose slightly.

    If you want to stop altogether do it over a period of weeks on a certain dose before dropping back a little, withdrawals can be shocking if you cut back too quick.


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