Hello Ladies!

Just thought I'd share my current situation; any advice would be appreciated?

My boyfriend and I are not against having kids and we've been discussing that we'd probably have them sooner rather than later.

Saying that I'm still on The Pill (same coloured/strength the whole month). I was meant to start taking The Pill after withdrawal bleed on the 1/8 but completely forgot and took it 24 hours late (double dosed). Since then we've had sex quite a few times. The last few days I've had increasingly sore nipples (not breasts), head is aching at times (could be dehydration though - been busy at work), and the other night when I was sleeping it was like I was a teenager again - tossing and turning, bloody felt like it was rushing through me - not in a racing heart beat, but just made me really restless.

I've not taken a HPT yet... thought it would be good to wait a bit to see if symptoms (if that's what they are) go away or continue...

Did anyone have the same symptoms but turn out negative or positive? I usually only get sore nipples before AF, but I've taken all my other pills on time so that shouldn't be the reason..