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    Default Re: Did you smoke during pregnancy?

    Suprisingly, before I even found out I was pregnant, I had the sudden urge to quit, and following that have not lit up again.
    I was not in anyway shape or form TTC and was shocked to learn I was UTD, but I guess sometimes our body has ways of telling us things.

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    Default Did you smoke during pregnancy?

    I gave up when I found out I was pregnant (the same day). I always intended to give up before going back to the fertility specialist but I fell pregnant naturally in the mean time so it was the best I could do

    In this day and age I can't believe people don't know about the risks (it's printed on half the cartons). It's also advertised pretty heavily in a lot of other mediums (including on this site) so I would have to assume any smoking pregnant person does know its not a great choice.

    I found actually quitting to be much easier this time around, I distracted myself with baby books (and used a small amount of nicorette gum, approved by my doctor), and I had incentive to not take it back up. I know it's not as easy for others, which is a shame but there are a lot of techniques for quitting and I would hope that people explore them all.

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    I found out I was pregnant at about 5 weeks and by around 8-9 weeks I had completely quit. I found it hard at first - buying smokes out of habit more than anything - like walking into a servo to pay for fuel and before I knew it walking out with a pack of smokes too. The morning sickness helped me quit and I haven't smoked since.


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