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    Default What could this be? Remedies?

    Do these symptoms in a 3 year old have anything in common? If they are relate what do you think it could be and what can be done?

    * Night sweats (think excessive, dripping wet)
    * Irritable/restless sleep
    * Waking up (sometimes I'm not sure she's awake) crying knowing that she had a bad dream but not being able to verbalise what she dreamt about
    * Teeth grinding
    * Always needing to be with me

    Ideas? Thoughts? Can anything be done for it? Should I take her to the Dr?

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    I think it would be worth making an appointment to see somebody, as they can all be symptoms for an anxiety disorder. Might not be the case, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to a professional about it.
    DS has anxiety problems and suffers all of the things you have mentioned, but his anxiety is quite extreme. A lot of the time we can't leave the house at all. Paed has diagnosed a severe separation anxiety disorder, but we are seeking a second opinion as we think there is more to it than that.
    Just my experience/opinion though.

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    I would take her to see the GP and go from there, but until then, these are some suggestions to help calm her that I would try,

    Firstly - I would try worming tablets as personally my girls got worms a lot for a while there and it caused all of these symptoms for them.

    Give a teaspoon of honey before bed (apparently a good way to calm them)

    Cider vinegar with honey to sweeten is also a good thing to try, as it decreases the urge to urinate which can cause some stress overnight in newly toilet trained kids.

    A long, calming bed time routine if you don't already have one. Include talking about 3 good things that happened to them that day and a few things that they didn't like and how they were resolved in a positive way. (I was surprised at what bothers my 4 and 2 year olds, and what they remembered upset them when I started doing this nightly). Include a massage on their tummy with soothing oils if you have the time.

    Also, have you given her anything to eat that is different?


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