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    Default An Update

    How is everything going?

    I go through periods of activity and inactivity on here, but thought it was time to try get back into it.

    J is doing well at school, though the promised integration is not really being delivered on. They have decided that toileting is the ultimate and until he reaches that everything is being held back. I don't know how to approach this as I feel quite sensitive about it, but perhaps they are right. Maybe I do need to push more.

    How is everyone else going?

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    sad. sad sad sad. My friend lost her very special little man last night. He was only 4 yrs old (cp).

    Alex's school have been great. BUT its so confusing. The HOD reakons alex should go to yr one, but both her main****** and ecdp teachers think repeating prep would be best with some intergration with her current peers once they go to yr 1. i dunno. all too hard today.

    School want to get Alex an iPad specifically for school. I'd been thinking about buying a 2nd iPad to leave one at school, and apparently the main****** teacher has been thinking the same. Good to be on the same wave length!!!

    Still havent seen the pead, it was cancelled again, new appointment is the 27th. Need to talk about her eating, as since she was sick, all she'l eat is cheese slices, banana iceblocks and banana. Everything else is a **** fight with threats of a feeding tube. Gahhh.


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