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    Default Spontaneous Preterm Labour at 33 + 4

    So I thought I would write down the events of the last few days, not only to tell my story to you all but also to get it all straight in my own head! Our plan was to have one last get away before baby arrived and so I had booked a hotel in Noosa for the Saturday and Sunday night, the weekend was looking like it was going to be beautiful, perfect beach weather. Maybe we could get a few decent pictures of my growing baby belly
    4.00pm - Finished work and was picked up and whisked up the coast.
    6.30pm - Arrived in Noosa, grabbed a pizza and settled in our hotel room. Early night so we could get up, grab our usual parking spot at Noosa Heads and DF could have his early morning surf (or so we thought)
    1.00am - Woken up by contractions, figured they were Braxton Hicks and chose to ignore them for a while (at only 33 weeks and 4 days it didn't even register that this may be the real thing) Contractions kept coming and were painful, now starting to think something is not right!!! Braxton Hicks were meant to be painless right?? Started timing contractions, just checking my phone every time and sure enough 6mins apart every time!
    2.45am - Finally woke DF up. He convinced me to call my midwife. I still really thought it was troubling her at a silly hour but was forced to make the call.
    3.04am - Called midwife. Initially she told me that it was labour but I had a long way to go and to try to get some sleep, that was until I told her I was only 33 weeks. Her tone suddenly changed and she told me to call the hospital in Noosa and get them to see me.
    3.09am - Called Noosa hospital, they said to head straight to Nambour hospital as they did not have the facilities to deal with me. Thinking I would just be checked and told it was Braxton Hicks we opted for Noosa as it was only 5 mins down the road.
    Think we were there for about an hour.
    4.00am - Ambulance transferred down to Nambour, DF followed close behind in car having swung by the hotel to pick up our things.
    5.00am - Arrived at Nambour. Was given drugs to help slow/stop contractions and hooked up to machine to read bubs heart rate and contractions. Various tests and examinations were done. At first cervix was long and closed but over time I had dilated to 3cm!
    6.00am - Steroid injection to help mature bub's lungs.
    We were given the option to drive to Brisbane once they had slowed contractions and lowered bub's heart rate.
    9.00am - Driving back to Brisbane. Straight to Mater Hospital. Any time that I tell people this they look at me like we had to be mad to have driven ourselves but we were both keen to get back to Brissy and I'm so glad we did!
    10.30am - Arrived Mater Hospital.
    Over the course of the day, which is all a bit of a blur,there was a lot of waiting around. A swab was taken that apparently showed that labour was occurring and bubs was around the corner so I was set up in a birth suite. The long wait begins. Contractions were mild and all over the place. I was continued on the drug to slow contractions.
    16.15pm - Contractions slowed but still there. Still 3cm but fully effaced so was progressing.
    6.00pm - Was decided that contractions had slowed to the point that I could be taken up to the ward to attempt sleep, the aim was to hold everything off until at least 6am which was the ideal time to have the next steroid injection to help mature bub's lungs (24 hours after the first). DF and midwife went home to rest/sleep. The last thing my midwife said to me was to contact anyone if the contractions got any stronger. I was so looking forward to some sleep!
    8.00pm - Contractions got stronger! Was hooked up to the machine again and monitored, still 3cm but contractions now slightly more intense and regular. After a couple of hours was taken back down to birth suite

    2.00am - Waters broke naturally. Was now considered to be in "active labour". Steroids were given at this point as bubs could arrive any time.
    2.30am - Called DF back in. He'd had enough sleep damn it
    6.11am - 7cm dilated.
    Contractions continued for a while, 3 per 10minutes. It was considered that this would be adequate as long as these 3were good strong contractions...contractions died off and became erratic.
    I asked if it was the drugs that was holding off the contractions but apparently they would have no effect if labour was imminent.
    It was eventually decided that as my contractions were all over the place the midwives were unwilling to let things progress naturally as both me and bub were getting more tired as time went on.The contractions needed, ideally to be at the rate of 4(or5) in 10mins and each one equally strong so they had to hook me up to a drip which would give me the hormone produce by your brain that encourages contractions(and incidentally stimulates milk production). They also broke more waters as it seemed as though I had pockets of them.
    Contractions came hard and fast which was a shock. No slow progression into it which is what natural labour does, it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Was sucking on the gas and air as if my life depended on it. During transition lost the plot and had a small breakdown like most women, I was begging for relief! It was however time to push.
    Once pushing my waters had to be broken a second time (which is apparently quite unusual) as it was acting like a balloon in front of bubs head, all the work I was putting into pushing was in vain as head was bouncing off of balloon!
    1.29pm - Lucy born Screaming her little lungs out which was obviously a good sign! She was whisked off to another room to check her over. She scored 9/10 in the apgar test (Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration) Had the briefest of cuddles with her before she was taken up to special care. I got cleaned up and had possibly the best shower of my life!
    As for why she decided to come early they couldn't say for sure. My white blood cells were slightly elevated which could indicate a slight infection but then again could not?! I guess we'll never know.
    Bloody hard work but well worth it

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    Oh wow, what a surprise for you both!!!! You must have been so worried, I wouldn't have known what to expect at 33 weeks. So very glad she's healthy and doing well. Her first cry must have been a wonderful sound.


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