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    Default How do you explain SN children to other children?

    Hi mummies

    I'm just after some ideas on what to tell my dd (almost 4) in regards to her daycare friend who is SN. I am not sure of his diagnosis but to me he shows signs of ASD. (I worked at the centre they attend and have worked in the room with this child when he was 3-4 yrs)

    She has often come home and told me that J has been naughty/broken something/hurt her and that he is a naughty boy

    I have tried explaining that his brain isn't as good at telling him what is right and wrong and she seems to understand a little but am wondering if there's a better age appropriate way to explain?

    How do you explain the behaviour of children with SN to other children?

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    Our kids recently met a friends child with Aspergers. Great kid
    They said later he was a bit odd. I explained that his brain worked differently to theirs as he has something called Aspergers, so to him it's uncomfortable to look people in the eye etc. not bad, just different. HTH.

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    Our oldest has a disability. We tell our younger 2 that everyone is made differently - just like some people have blue eyes and others have brown, some have freckles, some have brown skin and some have white, some are tall and some are short. These are things we have no control over, it's just the way we are made.

    Some people are made differently on the inside, sometimes their blood doesn't work properly and they can't understand things like we do, or they can't control their bodies like we do, this doesn't mean they are naughty or bad it just means they need a bit more help.

    It is surprising how much kids can understand about these things, they are often better at handling it than adults!

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