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    I weaned DD the day after she turned three. I had tried the " don't offer don't refuse" and distraction methods for about a year before that to no avail ( I was ready to stop when she was two).

    I ultimately decided that 3 years was my limit.

    I talked to DD a lot about stopping beforehand and we did a countdown.

    Thanks to some advice from some lovely ladies on here I also told her that the "milk fairy" was coming to take my milk to give to another mummy and bubby now that she was a big girl. DD was quite into fairies at the time and this worked a treat.

    Even though I was well and truly ready it was still a bit sad but I was very happy that I was able to feed her for so long.

    DD's last feed was the night of her third birthday. She understood it was her last feed and she had a little cry while we cuddled. The next day she was fine with no feeds and kept talking about the milk fairy and how she was a big girl now. We just had lots of extra cuddles over that first week and DD was fine with it.

    Good luck with it, I know weaning can be a bit of an emotional time for both of you. Also, well done for feeding for so long, it's something you can really be proud of.

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    Similar situation here, with DD (28 months old) having 2-3 feeds a day and has been pretty consistently for awhile.

    I am also feeding her little brother, and was feeling touched out so for the first time i recently made the decision to cut out DDs morning feed. the first day was rough (but probably not the best day to do it), the next 2 or 3 days were busy so dd was fine. Within a week, she had also stopped the midday feed and was pretty much just having a feed at night before bed.

    the midday feed was more if she going to have a sleep, so day sleeps (rare anyway) have also gone.

    after feeling relief, i also felt some loss and wondered if i had done the right thing. however, i think my annoyance with the morning feed were starting to affect our relationship so i believe i have done the right thing.

    I also enjoy the night feed more, cos i feel like i choose to do it, i am not forced to, itms.

    The next week she got sick and a couple of days asked for a feed in the afternoon and said she was 'tired'. i was ok with giving these feeds, cos i figured a sleep might help, plus the bf goodies could help with the sickness.

    i chose just to cut one feed instead of cutting it down by time or sucks, cos i didn't want to have to keep negotiating. i had had enough with that feed.

    i don't know how long we will keep feeding, but i am ok with continuing for now.

    Anyone who has breastfed til over 2 years has done an awesome job, and whether you keep going til baby decides or choose to encourage the weaning, you should be really proud of yourself.


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