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    Default When did your baby take a dummy?

    Quote Originally Posted by EmyB View Post
    Hmm... bit of sensitivity around.

    My second child, yes. And as I said I tried a dummy with DS1 during an unsettled period but he wasn't a comfort sucker and it didn't take. So I'm not someone who is against them at all.

    I'm not "judging" people or being "unfair". (?!?) I was genuinely asking why you'd give it to a brand new newborn because I know how my DS's behaviour varied wildly the first few days/weeks and we hadn't yet learned to figure out why/what he needed etc. I had no idea what I was doing caring for a newborn and I would have worried giving him a dummy would have masked the real reason he was crying or something. It just didn't occur to me to try it as a settling technique so early on when we were learning the ropes. Doesn't mean I think anyone else is wrong for doing it. I was genuinely interested as might try again for the next one.
    For me personally, after my ds1's birth (which was traumatic for everyone involved) I was unconscious for several hours. It was either give him a bottle to calm him or a dummy. My husband chose a dummy. It also helped stretch his comfort sucking out for extended periods and let me get much needed recovery after the damage to my body. He was also physically hurt during his birth and comfort sucked from birth.

    For my ds2 after being awake for 48 hours (due to very noisy women snorers and then ds deciding to feed all night every hour) I gave him a dummy (day 4?) to get some sleep and keep him settled, before I collapsed in a heap.

    Dd1 has a dummy. She isn't a comfort sucker. If she's distressed she wants to suck but gets upset if there is milk, so she takes a dummy, then spits it when she's calm.

    I think you will find most people don't use it to extend feeds or because they can't be bothered trying to calm/comfort their baby, but because it is a perfectly safe alternative to sitting with breast in mouth 24/7 or and otherwise distressed baby.

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    Default When did your baby take a dummy?

    Dd1 we offered at paeds suggestion on day 2 as she was a sucky baby. Mw then suggested she suck on my nipples as it would help bring on my milk and dummies were not so good for bf. we stopped using immediately. She used me ever since.

    Dd2 - again Paed suggested as another sucky baby. I said no. But when she got sick and was in PICU for a week with a tube down her nose for food... They suggested a dummy for comfort. I agreed reluctantly. Once out she was back on boob. No more dummy.

    I'm not a fan and would not use or recommend. But I'm happy to be used by the girls for a comfort suck.

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    Default When did your baby take a dummy?

    My daughter took one straight away. I think it was a couple of weeks with my son, as he just loved to suck, and hated the boob for comfort sucking as I had so much milk.

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    My DD didn't take a dummy so I didn't give her one. I'd be happy if my children didn't want dummies. My son likes a dummy and so he has one but there's no way I'd go through finding different dummies and forcing them to have one if they didn't want one.


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