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    Default Blog: Paediatric and Child Friendly Dentists in Perth

    I don’t know about you but when my daughter’s little teeth popped out as a baby I had no idea how to care for them –- was I supposed to brush them? Use toothpaste? Or just leave them? And for your toddler there are just so many brushes and toothpastes to choose from (once I could catch her and coax her to open her mouth) it was all a bit bewildering! As more teeth grew I wondered about when to take her to the dentist for the first time, what to do about the little chip on her front tooth from when she fell and landed face-first on a concrete pathway, how long I should be brushing her teeth for, so many questions!

    Luckily there is plenty of information out there to help with your questions, and this article about 'Caring for Baby and Toddler Teeth' is a great starting point. It tells you all about tooth development, how many teeth will grow and approximately when, as well as how to care for little teeth, preparing for a first dentist visit and how diet can help to keep teeth healthy and beautiful.

    So how old was your child when you first took them to the dentist? I must confess that Miss 5 hasn’t yet made it to a dentist, but she has an appointment for next week. 'Who with?’ you might ask? Read on to find out who, and why!

    I’ve been gathering together recommendations for and comments about paediatric dental practices and child-friendly dentists from Mums and Dads who rave about the dentists they have found for their children. And so, in alphabetical order by location here are some of Perth’s Best Paediatric and Child-Friendly Dentists according to you (I have included their phone number if they don’t have a website). If I’ve missed off the dentist you and your kids love, please just use the comments below this post to let me know and I’ll add it in here :)

    Bicton - Bicton Pediatric – recommended dentist Dr Vanessa Williams:
    “The practice is so well set up for kids and the dental nurses were brilliant too”
    “I have nothing but glowing reports for Vanessa Williams and the team at Bicton Pediatric Dentist”

    Clarkson - Clarkson North Dental (9304 6624) - recommended dentist – Dr Dr Grace Nunes:
    “She lets the kids touch the instruments, shows them what she does with them during my examination... The kids actually asked how soon we can go back, they were so entertained they forgot where they were”.

    East Fremantle - Sila Street Dental (http://www.silasstreetdental.com.au/)
    “Fantastic and they 'cater for cowards'”

    Joondalup - Sparkle Dental (http://www.sparkledentaljoondalup.com.au)
    “Great with the kids”

    Midland - Dr Tim Lego (http://www.dentistmidland.com.au/index.php):
    “Dr Lego is amazing with children!”

    South Perth - Dr John Winters (http://members.iinet.net.au/~kidsdentist/):
    “Dr Winters was fantastic with my 3 yr old”
    “He is amazing. My 5 year old was super scared of the school dentist so we had to go to a paediatric dentist. He is just wonderful”
    “Dr Winters is a natural with the kids, highly recommended!”

    West Perth - Prime Dental (http://www.primecdc.com.au/home.html) - recommended dentist Dr Tim Johnston:
    “Tim Johnston in West Perth is lovely, and they give the kids balloons and little presents and make a big fuss over them. They are gentle and kind and quick too!”
    “Highly recommend him!“

    Woodvale - Castlegate Dental (http://www.castlegatedental.com/)
    “Very good dentist, expensive but fully worth it”

    So where is Miss 5 going next week? Well with the lure of balloons and a goodie bag we’re going to visit Dr Tim Johnston!

    Have you tried any of these dentists? What were your experiences like with them?
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