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    Default Gluten Intolerance in toddlers?


    My boys are having problems with their bowels and it is prompting me to question allergies as a possible cause as it is not linked to fever and other symptoms at all.
    My DS2 has had problems with the runs his whole life (now 17months). We have both lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance in my family history.
    I have heard that the main sign of gluten intolerance in kids is not putting on weight but as that has never been a problem for my boys we dismissed it a bit. We just started DS2 on dairy free for a trial 3 days ago and I increased his intake of starchy foods (mostly wheat based) to try to slow down his bowels but if anything he has gotten a little bit worse. Mean while DS2 has been on this diet DS1 (2y9m) has been eating pretty much the same as his brother, which is about double the gluten intake of his normal diet and now he has the runs! Without any change to his mood or other symptoms. And I noticed that DS1's poo really stuck on the bowl which is something that I have heard people say is a problem with their gluten intolerance.

    Has anyone had their toddlers diagnosed gluten intolerant while not having a problem growing? Does this even sound like gluten intolerance?

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    Sorry about duplicating this thread. iPad glitch.


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