Hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has a child who suffers from 'Pallid Breath Holding'?

My DD (9 months) has currently had two PBHS's in the last 3 weeks. This occurs when she has a fall (she has recently learnt to climb) and hurts or startles herself and starts to cry but then cant get a breath in.

She stops breathing, turns blue and goes limp and her eyes roll in the back of her head. The first time this happened it absolutey terrified me but she was back to normal within a couple of minutes, except she went from being very active to very sleepy and she did get rushed by ambulance to hospital. The second time didnt last as long and she was back to her normal self in about 30 secs, still scary tho.

I was just wondering what you do when your child does this and how you cope with seeing your child do it?