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    Unhappy 6mo suddenly become fussy?

    DD is just 6mo and has been on solids for two months. She took to them like a duck to water and has always eaten anything I made (only ever refused the occasional packet if I ran out of time to make food or forgot!)
    The last couple of weeks she's suddenly started being fussy, refusing veggies, meat and some fruits. The only food she always eats no probs is her breakfast (rice cereal and fruit) and morning tea (yoghurt and sandwich fingers). Sometimes she eats lunch no probs, sometimes not, and usually very picky at dinner (will refuse veg and scream until I give her dessert!)
    So all in all she eats rice cereal, yoghurt and custard...if she drank a lot of milk I wouldn't be too concerned, but she rarely drinks more than 450mL a day and I'm worried about her nutrition.
    Has anyone got any ideas how to get her to eat veg again?

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    I wouldn't be too worried, bubs won't starve themselves and she is still very young.

    Maybe try offering some different foods for breakfast if she isn't interested in food at dinner time. You could also try mixing fruit or veggies with her yoghurt if she is good with that. Is she good with finger foods? DS eats veggies as part of a meal like pasta bolognese but won't eat a vegetable on its own, so are there are different things you could try meal wise? Just keep offering different things and don't get upset if they are not interested.

    Also, you could look at change the time you offer dinner, it may be too late for her and she may be too tired to eat.

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    Let her eat with you at meal times and at 6 months now she can have what you have , also in my opinion, I would stop all desserts at that age too, babies have no concept of moderation so she would obviously prefer the sweeter option , I would worry you would be setting her up for bad habits!

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