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    Natural is obviously always the better option if it can be done. I had an emergency caeser with my first under a GA, I bonded with her straight away and my milk came in fast and I always had a very abundant supply. I did have a lengthy stay in hospital due to infection though. My DD has no asthma issues, she has a few allergies but mainly to insects and medications and that is hereditary on DPs side of the family. This time I am having an elective due to previous pregnancy related issues but if without those complications I would love to go natural as you heal faster and as I said previously I believe natural is always the better choice but only if it is the safest option for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbles10 View Post
    with c section there is a higher rate of baby needing assistance to breathe and admittance to a special care nursery.
    with c section, baby misses out on exposure to the natural bugs in the vagina potentially causing gut and other issues.
    with c section, if done prior to labour, greater chance of baby being born before they are ready.
    with c section the umbilical cord is usually cut prematurely.
    with c section, greater risk of infection to mum
    with c section, bowel can be damaged or temporarily paralysed (due to damage or effect of drugs)
    with c section, increased risk of respiratory issues for mum and baby
    after a c section, subsequent births are more likely to be c sections. the more c sections, the greater risk to baby and mum
    with subsequent pregnancies after a c section, greater chance of placenta previa.
    All of these and...
    Higher risk of pph (x6)
    Higher mortality rate for both mum and baby
    Lower breastfeeding statistics
    Higher chance of your baby being cut during surgery (1.9%)
    Higher risk of respiratory distress syndrome
    Risk of bladder infection from catheter
    Risk of injury to other organs

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    Hi, i did not read all this sorry if this has already been said. Believe it or not, i will be having my 3rd c-section with this baby but I am pro natural birth. The process of natural birth release hormones that matures the baby's respiratory system and dygestive system, recovery time for mum is much shorter if mum did not have a traumatic birth. C-sections, is faster and there is less physical trauma for bubs depending n the situation. In my opinion c-sections are for women with issues during pregnancy or labour, baby needs to go through the getting ready process and a c-section is by no means an easy way out for mum, it is a major operation with a long recovery time....and I can promise you after birth pains with a cut in your tummy...is no joke!

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