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    Default Changing clinics Newcastle. Very sad

    Hey starting a new thread for Newcastle ladies. I need some love I think. This Ivf train is wearing me down. I thought after everything we have done I would be able to handle it but as time goes on and still in the same place it's getting harder!
    We were with hunter Ivf and now changing to Newcastle Ivf dr woolcott. I was so happy with hunter and he testede for everything possible did loads of variations to cycles with different meds. No success. First appointment with new clinic was so depressing. Doc is very black and white which I like and basically told me that the endometriosis isn't the problem which was all the last clinic talked about. New doc believed 90% of cases it's always embryonic issues. So now I am even more scared that because we have 3 chemical pregnancies that it's never going to work and I'll never be a mum like we all desire to be. Not sure what I'm asking for maybe just a vent. Feeling very down and to make it worse I've got my period 3 times in the last 6 weeks following a negative frozen transfer. Which has never happened before. Please hug me hah
    no one I know understands this situation I can talk to. Xx

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    Hi Sammy

    Well I definitely think that I can relate. I'm 30 and my husband is 36. We have been ttc for almost 3 years. I'm from newcastle and have been with genea for this whole time. After our 3 rd failed ICSI attempt we changed doctors but have remained with genea. I now see Dr McIlveen. I've had extensive testing but sadly remain in the unexplained category. Dr McIlveen thinks I have poor egg quality for no apparent reason and there is nothing proven to improve egg quality. Had an appointment today with her where she has basically said that the chances of me having a biological child are about 10-20 % with IVF. May be even less. DH and I are probably going to do at least another cycle because I can't give up on a child yet and we don't have any real options for an egg donor. Pretty upset today hearing the news that our chances are very poor. I also don't ovulate very often so the miracle natural pregancy is out of the question.

    Sorry that i don't have much good advice for you but I would say that Genea are a great clinic. It will give you the best chance and with 3 chemical pregnancies, it shows that you aren't far away from a successful one.


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