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    Default What OCD things do you do that are really annoying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lincolns mummy View Post
    I have to have the notes in my wallet in order - $50, $20, $10 then $5. My cousin has severe diagnosed OCD, its an awful thing to see. It completely rules his life, poor guy.
    I used to have severe OCD when I was a child/teenager. It does rule your life and it's hard.

    I still do something's now like check the ovens off about 3 times before bed. But I'm glad I over come a lot of it.

    One of my biggest issues was cleaning my hands (it all started when I was about 7-8 and I was looking for our class rat and reached my hand under the cupboard and pulled out a headless mouse, the teacher made me scrub my hands so much they hurt) but what helped me overcome this is I developed a love of cars when i was 17 and working on them = dirty. So I got over my dirty hand fear.

    Mind you I still won't eat oily foods with my hands including potato chips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannaBamumma View Post
    I always lock the Car doors when driving in fear of carjacking! Even if dh gets out to get petrol I will lock myself in or tell him to lock me in when he goes in to pay!
    I used to do the same until someone said "what if you have an accident and 'they' cant get your door open cos you locked it?". Catch 22 I leave mine unlocked now unless in a questionable area.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lincolns mummy View Post
    I have to have the notes in my wallet in order - $50, $20, $10 then $5.
    Same. Just makes it easier to find what I am looking for

    I just HAVE to go to the toilet the second before we leave the house...even if I went 5 minutes before. I gotta go, or at least try to go, again before walking out the door.


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