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    just clarifying a few things in this thread ... it is my understanding that if you have a CHILD IN THE SCHOOL .. you do not need a blue card to help ...

    if you are a grandparent of a child .. you need a blue card
    if you are a sibling of a child - and you are over 18 ... you need a blue card
    if you are a sibling of a child and under 18 you do not need a blue card
    if you are a parent of a child currently enrolled in the school - there is no rule stating that you need a blue card if you are volunteering..

    to my knowledge. .. they are the rules.

    Regarding your situation .. I do understand your wariness ... and your fear for your children ..

    HOWEVER .. imo teacher and child ... teacher aide and child .. or parent helper and child should not ever be in a room alone together .. as a teacher I aim to not be alone with a child .. purely to cover myself should any questions arise as to why I'm with them. (does that make sense?) I'm a big fan of open rooms- doors open .. and staff being able to see each other and what they are doing at all times

    I know that last year when my oldest son was in prep .. I would help out in the classroom - and other parents would too ... doing reading and sight words and other testing/ practice .. but they did those things IN the room with the teacher supervising.

    I would think it rather inappropriate for a parent helper to take children away from the teacher supervision at any time ..

    teachers and teacher aides all have police checks done - I know that teachers are checked annually .. I as a teacher wouldn't ask any child to work with a parent helper in a setting where I couldn't see them.

    I dont think it would hurt for you to have a chat to your child's teacher regarding your own concerns ... follow your gut and do what you think is right to do
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileygirl View Post
    the school really should be getting police clearance done on parent helpers!! I am a bit stunned that they don't. It is free and easy (just submitting a form at Australia Post) and is then valid for a few years...if parents going on excursions and stuff, they would be supervising toilet trips etc and over night camps...the list goes on. I would def be speaking with them to find out why they are not taking this simple step to make the place safer.
    I've been a parent helper when DD was in prep and no one was police checked. It just wouldn't be feasible. Nor necessary if you are a parent of a student (in my opinion). I was in the classroom with both teachers the entire time; kids go to the toilet alone. Simply no opportunity for harm to be done in my humble opinion

    I agree with the pp who said schools are a community, and helpers are essential. Personally I would be quite stunned if as a parent I had a police check done on me.

    I guess though I'm extremely lucky that I haven't faced the trust issues that you have, and it must be so hard to trust in those circumstances.
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    I too have huge issues with this even though DD is only 2.5.

    I was sexually assaulted at 12 by a man who I later found out had been in jail for a very viscous rape and guess what...
    He volunteered at the school tuckshop every week. So I think police checks should be done on anyone doing anything in the school


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