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    Quote Originally Posted by ToughLove View Post
    Depends how old they are and how rude it is.
    If they're little, and just curious, I'd let it go. Older, and being annoying, tell the parents, but nicely.

    When we first moved in, we were building the dog runs, so the dogs were inside.
    Over the fence at the end of the property were 5 kids, ranging from about 2 to 10. The older three boys would poke their heads over the fence, yell 'insults {"poopyface!" "crap breath!"} and then run back to their house.

    They'd throw things like sticks and leaves over the fence, and then bolt back to their house.
    I went over to their house and introduced myself; their mother's opinion was "kids will be kids, I don't think it's a problem"

    I got realllllyy sick of it when I came outside and found them aiming sticks at DD, who was playing in her pretend house. A gumnut hit her in the face and she was bawling her eyes out, but the kids would jump up on the fence, laugh, scream "GOTCHA!" and run back.

    One day I stood at the back door and watched them get rowdy. They were getting cocky because I hadn't moved from the door or said anything. Eventually the two eldest got their confidence up so high that they swung their legs over the fence, sat on top of it and flipped me off.

    I opened the back door, called the dogs and let them out.

    The first time they'd been in the backyard, and they were excited.

    They took one look at four gigantic dogs thundering down the slope, barking and leaping around, and those kids were gone for a sixer.

    They were off that fence like greased lightning, screeching and wailing.

    By the time I got to the back fence and looked over it, the back door to their house was still swinging.
    That's a hoot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenemi View Post
    Lol I glanced at the subject and I thought it was 'peeing' not peeping over the fence. Anyhoo, peeing would be worse, but peeping is still a bit creepy and they might need a gentle reminder on manners...


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