Hi Ladies,
I'm new to this forum! And to be honest I'm not sure if this is where I'm meant to be posting an introduction... I'm hoping to get in touch with any ladies that are undergoing IVF treatment particulary anyone that has a low AMH. I'm 34 years old and have an AMH of 1.3
My husband and I are so lucky that we have a 5 1/2 year old daughter but we would LOVE to have another one.

This is a low down of our history...
2001 Jan 1st Miscarriage, 5 weeks
2006 Nov Our beautiful little girl was born

2008 Nov/Dec 2nd Miscarriage, 8 weeks, 5 days

2010 Aug/Sep 3rd Miscarriage, 8 weeks, 2 days

2010 Sep Many bloodtests to try and explain miscarriages...
My results showed that I had a low reading for cardiolipin antibodies and low platelets (which I'd had for years)
Husbands results showed that he has a chromosomal translocation of chromosomes 1 and 11

2011 Feb Attended Genetic Counselling and learnt that if we conceived an embryo with an unbalanced translocation it would certainly not survive past the 1st trimester.

2011 Mar Had my AMH levels tested and were told they were normal for my age. I later learnt that I had been misinformed and I actually had an extremely low AMH (1.8)

2011 Apr Took Clomid on a monitored cycle

2011 May Took Clomid-unmonitored

2011 Jun Took Clomid-unmonitored

2012 Feb Had 1st consultation with IVF Australia. Many tests were ordered...
Results were I have an AMH of 1.3
Husband has a sperm count of 20 million with only 1% normal

2012 Feb Started Acupuncture and taking chinese herbs...

2012 Mar Managed to get a chemical pregnancy!

2012 Apr Managed to get pregnant! but unfortunately wasn't a happy ending...

2012 Jun 4th Miscarriage, 8 weeks, 6 days.
It'd had been looking sooo good on weekly scans, but unfortunately that wasn't the case
Had a D&C. Sent tissue away to be tested and it came up as Turners Syndrome.

2012 Aug Met with Repromed Adelaide

2012 Aug Meeting with FertilitySA Thursday 9th....

I guess I'm hoping to hear success stories from other woman that have been on IVF cycles with low AMH's.
Hey, I apologise if I've just posted this in the wrong area! I'm sure you'll point me in the right direction

Thanks so much!