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    Default Early labour 34 weeks?

    Hi all,

    Just after some thoughts/experiences on this!
    I had last bub at 34 weeks and felt a little less aches and pains than feeling now!

    Last week I went into labour ward in the evening as I had a small bleed and very very slight pain. All was well just braxton hicks/tightening showing on monitor along with a couple of labour looking contractions over the 2 hours I was there.

    This morning at 5am I started having pain/cramps (pain woke me) and they were actually a little painful, as in I would have used a heat pack or taken something. After lying there for a bit I timed them and they were 3 mins apart lasting approx 1min 30sec. As they weren't getting any worse, I just stuck them out and they lasted about 45 mins. Nothing since (now 3pm) except slight achy pain down low, all day on and off. I am heading back into labour ward tomorrow am just to have a steroid shot incase of baby's early arrival (last one was perfect and good size but just to be sure). If it happens again I think I will call labour ward and go in. I'm not having many tightenings just slight achy pain. It was sharp pain when started last time!
    Does this mean I could be slowly dilating, I haven't had contractions like this start and stop before! I was induced at 38 weeks with number one and number two came suddenly (a few aches on and off week prior but nothing obvious).

    Any experiences eg how long after you had these type of contractions did you have bubs etc would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Hun, I have had them since 10 weeks, I am now almost 37 weeks. I have an irretable uterus not sure if you have the same. I have had contractions twice that has been regular and rytmical, once I went to labour only to find out it was only BH. What I do now is take panadeine extra, and get in bed with heat pack on my lower back, if they get closer together or more intense I go in. I am so over this so I can understand how you feel. My MW said if the cramps go away they are not labour. Yes these contractions can cause cervical changes I started thinning and softening at 24 weeks and started dilating at 27 weeks, we did not think I was going to make 35 weeks this time but we did. I also had a full term baby first time, 35 weeker 2nd time and now we wait and see with this one. With my 2nd one I went into labour at 26 weeks it took 2 doses of some drip to stop it and then I had emergancy CS at 35 weeks due to infection. All I can say is, go in if you feel you need to, you never know. I have read and asked questions about labour and what it feels like and my BH sounds exactly the same, sometime it feels like they are going to rip me appart, sometimes like period pains sometime I run to the loo constantly only to have no effect, It comes from the back shoots down the leggs...you name them I have had them all. Worst is once you have had a preemie, especialy one with complications you completely go off your rocker sometimes. I relived my #2 whole birth/ pregnancy around the 3 weeks she was born as I approached 34 and 35 weeks only once DH brought the similarities to my attention could I focus and realised it is not happening all over again...sorry her birth was traumatic to me and it is a veeeeeeery long story. I also discovered that it is common for preemie moms and those who have had traumatic births and pregnancies. Sorry all I can say is there is no real answers for you, hang in there


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