Sick to death of trying to find antenatal care. The midwives around here are so damn slack! I am over it!
I am on the Central Coast, 22 weeks and have had one appointment with a midwife so far (and they were late for that appointment). They just seem so unavailable and elusive! And uncaring. No one EVER answers the phone. EVERRRR! It is driving me nuts. I have tried calling several different numbers too, even tried calling the hospital directly but of course they only transferred me to the same number I had been calling. I'm sick of leaving messages for them.

Does any have any other recommendation for antenatal care for this area? I am actually moving to Darwin at about 30 weeks... should I just wait until I am up there, or is that too long in between visits? I know they're going to be good up there, I've already been in contact with them and they sound amazing, and so helpful.