I was looking thru my 12 week scan photos on the computer this evening when i came across a picture of my notes about bub's growth etc.
It seems bub's abdominal circumfrence (AC) is measuring at the 17th percentile (1 week behind my dates) All the others are spot on with my dates +/- 1 or 2 days.
Nothing was ever mentioned at the scan, so maybe there is nothing to be worried about at such an early stage in a pregnancy (growth spurts ect)...
however.....of course ive started stressing and been googling and it seems bub's might be at risk of IUGR (small baby for dates) ??

It also hasnt helped that im now getting comments off family/friends that im "hardly looking pregnant!" i'm 20 weeks, 2nd bub and a petite tiny build.
I know i should just ignore these comments but they hurt, especially now that ive come across these 12 week scan notes! Im really questioning things! Before all this i thought i was plumping up nicely and that my little "bump" was just the perfect "normal" size for me.
Im quite active keeping up with my 18th old and im not the type to sit still for long....i always have to be doing something unless i get those awful growing pains, then im stuck bed for a couple days.

I dont have my morph scan untill the end of the week. Im feeling a bit of fetal movement but not alot or constant like my dd was. I do realise each pregnancy is different and by golly this one is very differnent to my first!

Has anyone had a small AC result at 12weeks?
What happens to a "small for dates" baby?
Can anyone reassure me please?