Hi everyone, after some ideas to manage my chronic neck pain & headaches.

We want to start TTC soon so I need to find a way of managing it before then as I basically spend every day dosed up to the max on ibruprofen just so that I can function. But obviously I can't take that when I'm pregnant. Paracetamol does nothing.

Ive had this problem for the last 12 years & have seen doctors & specialists & no one has any answers.

I've recently been having acupuncture, which worked three times, but now it seems to have stopped working. So I experienced what it is like to not be in pain & have to be dosed up on pain killers all day, so now the pain is even harder to deal with.

Ive tried massage, physio & chiro, they don't do anything. I've tried magnesium but it gave me diharrea. I've run out of ideas & I need help!!!!!

Scared about how I will even be able to look after a baby if I have an absolute blinder of a headache every single day. Doctors just don't want to know. What can I do???