Hi all, for anyone who likes Philippa Gregory's historical novels, or historical fiction in general, I just read a great book called 'The Lily and the Lion' by Catherine A Wilson and Catherine T Wilson (yes, two authors with the same name!)

You can read more about it here but in a nutshell it's set in the 14th century and it's about two sisters who were separated at birth and find each other again, but they are being hunted by an evil lord and they don't know why, so they are trying to solve that mystery and stay one step ahead of him. There's a bit of romance in it but it's not too gushy, in fact i think I'm in love with one of the main characters, what a man! It's a very intelligent and well-researched book and the writing style is really good. I found it at my local library.

Sorry if someone's already posted about it before, haven't been on BH for a while! If anyone else has read it, let me know what you thought!