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    Default Changes at the dairy??

    My 9 week old baby is currently having all EBM as we were never able to successfully BF. He was 8 weeks early and spent time in NICU. During this time he was only having 24mls of milk in 24 hours, while I was pumping over a litre a day! So I built up quite a supply in the freezer. Now his is getting bigger (and doing amazingly well) he is having almost 1000ml of EBM a day and I'm only managed to now express half of this. Ironic! So I'm having to use my frozen supply, most of which the milk looks very different to the fresh stuff I'm expressing. It's bright yellow and thicker. How does this milk differ?? Is it ok to use for my older baby as I know breast milk changes to suit a growing baby??

    Also stressing that in the next few weeks my freezer supply will end and bubs will have to have formula much sooner than I anticipated. I'm sooo over expressing but when I think about the alternative I feel selfish for even considering being 'lazy' and giving up my days at the dairy!

    Sorry for the vent it's just not the breast feeding experience I imagined

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    I'd say your frozen stash has some colostrum in it

    Have you spoken to anyone about getting bub onto the breast and increasing your supply?

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    Sounds like ur frozen supply has colostrum in it, which is fine for baby to have. Do you mix frozen and fresh? You should, also keep an eye out for bub's reaction, my DD hates reheated or defrosted milk apparently only fresh will do! My DD was premie too thou she was not as early as ur baby she was feeding so little like 5ml a feed! Anyway I find my milk supply increases when she has a growth spur, it's good that you're expressing but try to do so looking at baby or perhaps starting to breastfeeding the old fashioned way, apparently the mind has a lot to do with milk supply and the more you look and feed your baby the more milk you'll produce... I thought it was baloney but it's actually true! Your body will know what your baby needs relax and enjoy your baby :-)
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