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    Default massage finding a good masseusse and not wasting time and money on the rubbish ones.

    I've come across people who have this same issue which is that not everyone who says they do massage actually gives a good conventional massage that has a good effect on my muscles.

    on the initial phonecall they say they do

    then when you turn up you find out that they have some unique theories and strange methods that they have all this talk about

    but doesnt work to effect my back

    or worse still leaves me in agony and stressed

    and just wastes my time and money which are both precious currently not to be wasted.

    I'm not tolerant of this time and money wasting uniqued theoried massages any more. why didnt they tell me they were going to waste my time and money totally and by half an hour when most would have done my neck shoulders throuroughly and really done a really good massage treatment, by half hour they had really done nothing.

    my child or neighbour untrained people could have in 3 minutes gotten more knots out than they did. they didnt do a thing in a half hour just talk about their stupid unique theories and saying they start off slow but they never got into it.

    finally because i need good massage and have gotten sick of the shonks. i just said that i'll pay him for his time but i need to go as its just not suiting me.

    but i was angry
    angry he didnt tell me i'd come into a freezing cold breezy noisy place with thumping loud music
    angry that there was no reception nearby or toilet you had to go thru a whole gym
    angry that he had tol dme its upstairs so when i went quite a distance to find the room it then said on the door to wait downstairs
    angry that there was no quiet warm place to wait comfortably
    just freezing, no quiet raving thumpy music, a reception that was far and hard to get to
    i should have walked out then and there as all that was too much already

    then he of course makes you fill out long forms when theres nothing extrodinary about my back
    why couldnt the reception have told me to do that instead of wasting more massage time,
    then he does nothing for half an hour practically telling me he is ' warming up my back' and starting slow' and explaining to me his own unique theories of his own unique method that is basically not at all a remedial massage

    then he works on me with one finger instead of two hands
    so he still wasnt getting into giving me a really good massage

    so i left paying money for the half hour only, good money for goods that i didnt receive as as that was not a half hour massage.

    how can i prevent these shonks when i call i ask about their massage they lie they dont say its some unique method that wont give me a proper massage and just waste my time and money.

    should i have said you said it was a standard remedial massage its not
    in 5 minutes a neighbour or child could have loosened my neck and shoulders
    i'm leaving and i'm not paying as no goods were received. that was not a massage.
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