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    I'm keen to start LnE this week, I'm 5 weeks postpartum and ready to lose the excess weight.

    I agree with both opinions...it doesn't teach great habits and eating could be done cheaper BUT I have a 5 week old...cooking and shopping are low on my priorities and I'm finding myself having toast and jam for every meal...especially since she seems to wake as soon as I sit down to a properly prepared meal! At least this way I'm getting a more balanced diet.

    I'm breastfeeding...what calorie level do you think I need, that will still lead to weightloss? I plan on going for 30 min walks most days, but will eat 'ordinary' food with DH (still healthy options though) on weekends.

    I have 8 kilos to lose to be back at pre-preg weight and a total of 15 kilos to lose to be at the weight I prefer.

    I have a wedding to attend in 6 weeks and another in 15 weeks so would like to achieve some realistic goals in those timeframes.

    I'm also getting married in 9 months so would like to be at my ideal weight soonish in order to go dress shopping!

    OP how are you finding the experience?

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    I did it years ago... lost 10kg in 6 weeks. No exercise.

    I think it's a great program, but quite costly. It was okay when I only had to feed myself because I didn't live with a partner and my baby was still a baby... but I couldn't afford it when I also had to feed a child and a partner. That was just too much money for me to spend on food for myself.

    I think it does educate you... a lot of the food is normal foods, and you can see how much you need. 1200 calories a day from Lite n Easy is quite a lot of food... 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. You can figure out roughly how much you'll need to eat once you finish using LnE. I think it's also helps to read up on calories and fat content, but overall, I do think Lite n Easy teaches you things unless you're completely obtuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakeish View Post

    I'm breastfeeding...what calorie level do you think I need, that will still lead to weightloss?
    If you are breastfeeding, you should be on a 1700 calorie plan as breastfeeding alone burns a lot of calories especially in the early days when bubs is breastfeeding every couple of hours


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