Hi all, have been lurking in the background of this forum for a while, and now I need your experiences.

A few weeks ago I got a faint positive on a FRER then went to Dr for bloods, the next day started to bleed so went to hospital, after 11 hours they sent me home with a "threatened miscarriage". At my followup appointment the next week my hcg levels had gone from 10 to 70, then 3 days later they were at 285! So it was looking like a normal pregnancy and was getting just a little bit excited, had our first scan booked and everything. Then on Thursday I woke up with another bleed, so up to the hospital we go, 8 hours and one hospital transfer later I'm going into surgery to have my left tube removed with an ectopic pregnancy.... how did I get here???

Just wondering if anyone has any stories to share? Similar experiences, both good and bad?

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