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    Quote Originally Posted by duckduckgoose View Post
    We found with DS who is 18 months that limiting his day sleep to 2 hours and not past 2.30pm (ideally 12-2) has really helped him get to sleep at night. Apart from cutting out sugar and preservatives, which is a good idea, have you considered keeping a food diary? We only discovered after a year of horrible sleepless nights that DS is mildly allergic to tomatoes and citrus and it keeps him up all night.
    Thankyou - what a great idea. Do you have a food diary template that you use?
    DS was sleeping up to 3-4 hours throughout the day and this would be quite late. I feel terrible doing it but I am now putting him to sleep at about 1pm for 1hour or 1.5 hours max so 2.30pm wakeup time. This has made a difference but if I dont then get him out & about it makes no difference if you get what I mean?
    I need to become more strict with the times as I work from home & need to find some more time! Am trying to fit the work in around his physical needs and the need to burn up his energy.

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    No we just worked it out from trial and error, I'm too disorganised to do a food diary.

    I think maybe 1-1.5 hours might be a bit too short if he's used to sleeping 3-4 hours? Can you cut to 2.5 then 2 and see how you go? You don't want him overtired as I find DS falls asleep easily if he's had a super short nap but then wakes more.

    But I think all of what you are doing is on the right track. Good luck!

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    I don't have any sleep suggestions because mine both stopped day sleeps well before then. But it does sound like his routine needs a bit of readjusting.

    In terms of drinking lots, my kids take a water bottle to bed with them. And I suggest you put something like a brolley sheet/waterproof on top of the sheets- that way if he leaks through you only have to whip that top layer off rather than wash the sheets every day.

    Hope it all improves soon.


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