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    I'm sorry if this isn't what you want to hear but I still feel that the two of you are in crisis as opposed to it being a one sided match.

    Have you contacted the local hospital for an Outpatient's referral?

    Have you also checked your status with the Dept of Immigration?
    Have you also checked your children's citizenship status? (Children born to NZ parents are not automatically entitled to citizenship...which could work in your favour).

    Citizenship by birth—from 1 September 1994 to 26 February 2001

    From 1 September 1994 to 26 February 2001, a child born in Australia to a New Zealand citizen parent who held an SCV, is an Australian citizen by birth.
    Citizenship by birth—from 27 February 2001

    A child born in Australia on or after 27 February 2001 to New Zealand citizen parent/s is not an Australian citizen by birth, unless the New Zealand citizen parent:
    • was not affected by the 26 February 2001 changes
    • held an Australian permanent resident visa or Australian citizenship.
    Note: Children born to a New Zealand parent who was living in Australia temporarily as a diplomat or as the holder of a special purpose visa (that is guests of government, aircrew or armed forces and their families) are not Australian citizens by birth.

    You might wish to do this in relation to legislative requirements for NZ citizens claiming citizenship in order to be eligible for social security because people have obtained emergency citizenship in certain situations.

    As for removing the children, alas, you must go through the legal system to be able to take them overseas. This is only fair to both parents.

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    To get a permanent residency visa there is a large fee, strict categories you must fit into, and once you have the visa there is a 2 year stand down period for welfare plus the two? years it takes to actually get the visa.

    To become a citizen you must hold a permanent residency visa, not the special NZ visa (can't remember what its called).
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    I just couldn't read and not say anything.

    I'm SO sorry you're in this position *hugs*. I know you don't have anyone physically around you that you can talk to, but here on bh there are so many women quine been through similar.
    They have great advice to give and we're all here for you to talk to.

    Your kids love you and need to and if they're the best thing that you get from the relationship then well, that's a pretty big win .

    I hope things get better for you soon, we're all thinking of you.

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    What a tough time for you. My heart goes out to you. I wish I had some useful advice for you, like others have said, hang on!

    Despite what your partner has said to you, your children do love you and they definitely need you. Just go though things one step at a time.


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    Default Major Depression, Recovering after Stay in Mental Health Unit + NO Support..

    I maybe know a little where your coming from I had many things happen to me.home invasions,car accidents and many others but when i was 19 was hit by semi trailer on the highway while walking on the side of the road ,so got to go to a psychologist for 3 years for ptsd.
    Just think to yourself,when it get realy bad "it can only get better".
    But just wanted to say the best thing for the mind is make sure you eat good food and get exercise.go for a walk.It realy works.i promise..maybe read about people in worse situations like people who have to walk 12kms to a well to get water for there family, with a grub eating away at there feet and dieing of aids like some people in africa.."thats one I will alway remember"when im down.your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
    Placebo(though not always that simple)
    Sorry if said it wrong.


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