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    Mind you, I have to say that if you're not toilet training by 3 then you really should get a move on.
    I TT'd DS at 3y 6m and I don't care if anyone thinks its "Ew", he has ADHD, had a developmental delay as well as a speech delay and he just wasn't ready to be taught and learn prior to then. When we started, it took three days for day and night training to be complete. It was easy and relaxed and I wouldn't go back and change it. He not once had an accident and never has.. he has a strong bladder too.

    DD is now at 2y 10m showing interest in the toilet & is able to say she's done a poo/wee and asks for a nappy change after doing one, so TTing her isn't going to be far away. At the start of this yr she was wanting to sit on the toilet lots but it was hit and miss success wise so I backed off. And she lost interest.

    I have an ex friend whose 7 & 6yr olds wear nappies to bed still, and my niece almost 7 & wears dry nites to bed. Its not laziness on my SIL's part, my niece has a weak bladder and just can't help it.

    My best friend has a 4yr old who has no bowel control at all. He can't even recognise when he is doing a poo. He is still in nappies and possibly will be for a long time yet whilst we try get the issue looked into.

    Its not a one size fits all scenario, and I find it poor form for people to judge over it, as there are cases like my niece & bestie where it isn't laziness or lack of parental motivation, it just can't be helped. (And btw both my kids were in big beds before age 2 also).

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    DD was 2.5 when she said she wasn't wearing nappies anymore. She hasn't gone back although she wears a pull up to bed after a night time accident left her hysterical. I think each child is different. U will know when your child is ready


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