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Thanks for your question. Yes, what you describe is possible. If you used your own eggs, you could use donor sperm ( known or clinic recruited) and either have IUI or an IVF cycle. If you have no medical reasons ( other than being in a lesbian relationship) for needing IVF, you would not qualify for the medicare rebate, and 'sweetperfectchild" is right, you would be looking at approx $10,000 for an IVF cycle. A IUI cycle would cost approx $1500 if using clinic sperm. If you had other medical reasons that made you infertile ( eg decrease egg numbers (ovarian reserve)) or blocked tubes you could get IVF for approx $3500. IVF is extremely safe and quick these days. Using your partner's eggs ( in the setting that you were "medically infertille) would also qualify you for medicare. Obviously, there would be legal bills also as the ethics are a little more complicate than usual. I hope this has been of some help.

My question is, does the 11,500$ (10,000 for the IFV cycle plus the 1500 for the sperm from the bank) include the procedure of putting the egg/sperm into the partner that is going to concieve the baby? Also do you know a few companies/businesses that do all of these procedures? Anyone I could contact? I live in Arizona but I am willing to travel to get my family started. Please feel free to email me directly at or respond! I look forward to seeing the response. Thank you.