I am just after opinions on whether it is worth having private health insurance or not. I recently took a cover out in case I was going to need IVf in the future. I just had appt today with FS and he said IVF was prob my best chance of success and could start try asap. This would mean that my PHI wouln't have kicked in yet so I am anticipating that I will be out of pocket by a further $1000 or so. But I want to do IVF soon so I am wondering whether to cancel my current policy and just save that money instead in case I need a second attempt at IVF in the future. If I don't need a second round of IVF then I would have saved that money instead, if that makes sense? At this stage I can only afford to have one attempt at it so am now thinking that since I will be trying soon the PHI is probably not worth having.
My questions are, how much have you saved by having PHI? Has anyone had IVF without PHI and regretted not having it? I just believe I could save that money instead and if I am fortunate to not have a second IVF round then I have saved it for something else.
As soon as I have a baby I will be dropping my PHI too, I only took it out for IVF.