Hi All, my partner and I have been going through IVF for just over a year now at Monash Clayton.I have very low egg reserves so even after all of the hormone stimulation, I only get 2-5 usable follicles. The first time I had 5 follicles and got 2 eggs out of it. My hubby has had a vasectomy so we had to have ICSI and both eggs fertilised. We got pregnant with the first transfer but was told it wouldnt survive. (Blighted Ovum). We used our frozen but negative pregnancy.
We have just gone through another cycle of injections. This time only 2 follicles but 2 usuable eggs. Phew. Again we had ICSI so we are just waiting to see if they have fertilised ok.
Good luck to all. Its a hard journey but I know the reward is well worth it.