My husband and I live in Subiaco, I'm 24, DH is 25 and we both work full time in Project Management - we're looking to meet some other fun seeking families near us who want to catch up on the weekends and let the kids have a play. Our boys are 2.5 and 1.5 and we're a very active family - so we'd just love to meet some families who want to join us on our out and about adventures!

I went back to work over a year ago now and have lost contact with the parents I'd met when on leave - the rest of our friends don't have kiddies so we're looking to make some new friends who share similar interests with us. Our boys have busy weekends filled with soccer, swimming, dancing and Gymbaroo but we'd love to add some unstructured play time with new friends to that list too!!!

We don't consider age to be a barrier to friendship, so young parents and young at heart parents if you're interested in meeting up let me know - we're only free on weekends though, obviously