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    Default is this a phase

    my 15 week old lately has been getting so upset it takes me ages to settle her and to do that i have to hold her tightly and try and keep her dummy in.

    today i had to stop the car as she was sooooo upset and even had to take her out of her seat and hold her.

    i know she isnt getting enough sleep during the day and i know her sleep signs and i also put her down when i think she should be napping too... often she just lays there chatting to herself.

    im just concerned that shes getting so upset and its usually towards the end of the day... but today most of the day. although i settled her and she slept from 2.30 to 5pm. and missed her 3pm feed

    she is brilliant (touchwood) at night. usually in bed by 6/6.30 and sleeps anywhere from 2-6am. i dont mind getting up to her once a night and thats usually what it is (touchwood)

    could she be having a growth spurt? im also going to introduce another element into her bedtime routine just so i can get her to bed in the 6.30-7pm timeframe. i start the routine usually when she starts getting cranky so thats about 5.15/5.30. any advise would be fantastic!!!

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    Have you looked into reflux? Sounds similar to my bub before she was diagnosed... catnapping, inconsolable, cranky but good overnight...
    When is her worst time? Is it between 1/2 to 1 1/2 hrs after a feed? Try holding her upright as long as possible after a feed and see if that helps, also try elevating the top end of her cot a little.
    If it is reflux there is a lot you can do to help, good luck


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