Thanks to all for your comments. It certainly sounds like what I am experiencing is not common, which is what I feared. My 6 week check is booked the week of the 13th and I am on the waitlist now for an earlier date. I’m a little concerned that I have sustained some sort of internal / pelvic floor injury, but we’ll see what the doc says.

I also have an appointment for a women’s health physio that was originally made to help with my muscle separation, but I’ll talk to her about these issues also.

Cat13 – ‘roids’, that old chestnut. I actually did have them post birth from pushing. I didn’t even know I had them until the midwife checked my stiches 2 days later and her eyes almost popped out of the socket. I had a few and they were grade 3, so pretty bad. I thought I was just swollen from the delivery. With the creams etc they gave me they settled down within 2 weeks so I didn’t really think they could be the problem, but after researching online today I have discovered that I could still have these buggers internally, which could be part of my problem.

I did have a catheter, which I thought could be the urethra issue, as had read women can have small tears/lacerations from them. Another discussion point for my doc.!

Pesca77, thanks for your suggestion re 'Nanna pants'. I have some SRC pregnancy pants, which I have on right now and they are helping support that area even though not specifically for post-partum use. I’m on eBay now trying to win a pair of post-partum pants – anything that might help I am all for it.

Babynomad – not great to hear you had similar issues, but it makes me feel 100% better knowing that, eventually, you got back to normal in the end.

With some Nanna pant wearing, frequent physio appointments and exercise, and my GP check I’m sure I will be on the mend soon. Thanks to all the lovely ladies that replied.