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    Default Subchorionic hematoma (clotting & bleeding in pregnancy)

    Hi ladies

    I'm 16 weeks and at 12 weeks I had a haeomorrage. Since then I've had 2 heavy bleeds and brown spotting with some clotting on most days. I'm on progesterone pessaries and baby is doing ok.

    Just wondering if any one had this condition and how it all went for you.

    I'm also having issues with my obs. He called it clots behind the placenta but after days of research on the net I found the tech name (which I asked and he didn't tell me).

    Emotionally, I have good days and bad days.

    My obs said to not have sex and no need to bed rest, just carry on as always. But when I do my normal activities I notice that i bleed more so I'm not listening to him. I'm mainly on the couch and do very light duties around the house.



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    I had a hemorrhage at 12 weeks and thought it was a mc as there was so much blood, but after bub gave me the thumbs up on the ultrasound in the emergency department I new she was going to be ok.

    I saw my OB and he put me on bed rest until the bleeding stopped which took me about 2 weeks.

    I have had some other issues as I have 2 blood conditions and one of them is where I bleed a lot. And I had on and off bleeding through our my pregnancy as well (and still am). These issues I have had have not affected the baby in any way and I am now 33 weeks pregnant and will be having bub around 38 weeks via c-section (again because of these blood conditions and this is the safest option).

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy I hope all goes well.

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    I had hemorrhage at 7 weeks and fully stopped bleeding at around 16 weeks. It started with brown streaks and then one day was just bright red. Clots also but no pain. Went to the doctors and did scans on a weekly basis. Doctors said just to take it easy but bed rest is not necessary. The size of hemorrhage was 5 cm at the beginning and by 16 weeks it was not visible on ultrasound. But I still spotted brown for another 2 weeks. Now I am 30 weeks pregnant. Since then I have been in flights and I have to struggle with a toddler on a daily basis. They do tend yo disappear and you will have a great chance of carrying to term
    Buy in saying that, a friend of mine had hemorrhage also and had bleeding for about 10 weeks then the bleeding stopped an the doctors never mentioned it again, but she just had her baby few days ago at 33 weeks because her placenta ruptured due to the hemorrhage. She's fine and the baby is in care at the moment but will be fine too. But in het case the cloy never disappeared. It kept on growing!


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