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    DS smashed a front tooth at 23 months and had to go under GA to have it extracted. He was groggy for about half an hour in recovery (I lay on the bed and breastfed him, that helped), but he recovered very quickly and was back to his usual self an hour later and home again that day.

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    I find hospitals are generally fantastic with children. With DS they were really relaxed. He was able to drive into theatre in one of those little plastic cars which he thought was just great! They have used a mask each time with DS and they don't attempt anything (drips etc) until he is asleep. I actually waited in the waiting room and DH went in with him until he was asleep. We've had no dramas with fasting etc as we've never had to wait long once we have arrived at the hospital. DS has also taken a special stuffed toy into surgery each time which helped.

    My DS has had the same surgery - He come out of surgery around 3pm and slept on and of for the rest of the day then. He seemed to cope quite well with the GA apart from being really sleepy. He was also in a lot of pain. He was given pain relief including morphine in the first couple of days and nights were really long and hard as he would be in a lot of pain and terrified to move. I hope everything goes well for you and your DD

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    Hey Frenchie
    Sorry to hear your little one needs surgery i know all to well how much that completely sucks.
    With the GA you should have a review with the anethtist before hand make sure you make a list of questions to as him or her.

    i find most anethatists and Surgeons are wonderful with children i have yet to meet a not nice anethatist to be honest xxx

    They usually let you go in with them to theatre while the put them to sleep chances are she wll scream when they are putting her under as they use the mask which freaks most kids out a bit BUT its a good thing as then they go to sleep really quickly then, If she has a drip put in prior they may just use the drip to put her to sleep. With kenz if they use the gass i cuddle her while they put the mask on her then lay her down and walk out. Its not nice to see them go floppy i wont lie to you its horrible but they are well a looked after as soon as they are asleep the anethatist will put the breath tube in and look after her very very well.

    After the op they go to recovery and you will be called once the breathing tube is out and she is starting to wake up, it can take a while sometimes for them to wake other wake straight away, she will likely be groggy for the rest of the day either that or grumpy as heck but it doesnt last long then back to normal.

    I hope it all goes well xxxx


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