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    1.I am not planning on doing anything to the car, I never said I would. I thought other peoples ideas are cheeky but I couldn't damage other people stuff.

    2. If I have to cut the grass I will be cutting it even if clippings go onto there car as it's in the way to "maintain" our property.

    3. My kids have a right to be in our front yard to play even if it is running to the letterbox to get mail....

    4. We do have "friends" as well that visit on a regular basis... That 1 may need to park else if we have more then 2 friends over. As our drive way holds 4cars...

    4. It's not like they moved here a few months ago... They have been here a few years and know people visit us and also park when visiting but my friend cars leave!

    5. IMO the attitude of "they don't know and it's fine to park there as no one parks there" well if thats the case why dont they park a car that moves in front of my place instead of this stationed one... 5 cars they have and 4 are hardly home..... its common sense... And out of respect of your nighbours....

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    I did not mean my reply to sound like an attack or anything. I was just concerned, as some parents really do use their children as tools in neighbourhood disputes!

    I understand most of what has been said is just being cheeky and venting.

    However, I fail to understand how you have tried to solve the issue so far?

    Most people 'should' do the right thing, but when they are silly enough not to, it can be a genuine mistake or trying to push the boundaries.

    These are the sorts of people who you can resolve issues with fairly easily by 'catching them out', and politely asking for the issue to be fixed.

    What have you tried so far to solve the issue?

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    i hope mine didnt sound like an attact either!! (when i read yours it was 'you can do this and that' not a personal attact or anything to me, as well as how i wrote mine i hope!)

    i wouldn't use my kids in a way and say, go and touch that, throw the ball at the car, no way i couldnt do that, i wouldnt want them then to throw it at my car!! as it was 'ok' to throw it as someone elses, as that would be my kids responses!

    Solving the issue is the problem, i cannot bring myself to them and ask them to move there car. we have never spoken (acctually now i think about it i have had words once with them a few months ago and they were accusing us of having a rabbit that was going into there property and kept eatting their dog's food, when we don't own a rabbit and if I did it would be in a hut thing not running loose in my front yard to get run over by a car or eatten up by a cat, if they are quick to put blame to us over a lost pet and say that to me, there is no chance in reasoning with them.

    So i will just stick to letting my kids spend more time out the front playing, at least it makes sense too with an 8 month old being able to explore the grass without having dogs licking her.
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