My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science (Physiology & Microbiology). I have come to the harsh realisation that my undergraduate degree alone is probably going to make it hard for me to get a job in the field, as I have had no work experience and can’t seem to get any.
So I have been considering doing sonography or radiography. Sonography appears to attract a higher pay and there are more online ads looking for sonographers.
I am interested in the Masters of diagnostic radiography at Sydney uni but am worried about getting a job to complete the personal development year (PDY) and would prefer to avoid going the undergraduate medical imaging route as it is 4years (without the PDY).
So my questions are:
Is it hard to get PDY placement? (I am happy to move)
Anyone know anything about the graduate program (GPMU) from the Australian school of medical imaging (ASMI)? - I know it is expensive but I heard they find you clinical training (can anyone confirm that?), so I think the money would be worth being about to start work in 6months rather than 2 years.
Do you think it is possible to pass the ASMI course without previous experience in the area? (I have a good GPA and am a hard worker; I did my undergrad through distance ed so I am dedicated and self-motivated as well)
Would I be able to find employment as a sonographer without a radiography background?
I would really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
Cheers, Sam.