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I can highly recommend joining the VBAC Australia Support Group Facebook page. Over 3000 ladies with a wealth of vbac knowledge - some vba3c and vba4c ladies! I have learnt so much...the main thing being that no doctor or midwife has to 'let you'. Hospital policy does not equal law, you have the right to decide anything - including going over 42 weeks if you want.
Good luck! X
Thanks for the info, Spotdog. The big question is, who will support you in terms of these institutions. I live in Brisbane. I had my birth at the RBH. I felt railroaded into first having syntocin, and then finally an emerg c-section. How do you stand up to doctors who railroad you into decision you don't feel comfortable. I was split up from my baby immediately for 36 hrs, then when finally reuinited for the first time (and him immediately suckling for breast and me trying to bond) I was ripped away after 5mins, because the people standing around my bed couldn't be bothered waiting for me I wasn't given an electric bed in hospital and being crippled with pain I also couldn't get up, so I lay there and watched my baby choking from reflux. The unapologetic nurses allowed buzzers to go for 45mins without attending to u - even in emergencies. I was not allowed even an hours sleep in 5 whole days as they were always intruding every 15-30mins for obs - even during every hour of the night! As a first time mum with a caesar I was not offered an ounce of useful breastfeeding advice, and I thought my baby was starving whilst trying to build up my low and delayed milk supply, so he was put on bottles even in hospital, which he quickly got used to , and then just outrightly refused the breast my treatment was abysmal and I was often left hours without pain killers even when requesting numerous times I was in masses of tears every day of that hospital stay and the frustration of it all was a nightmare, not once was I offered a psychologist to talk to, which I believe should be STANDARD PRACTICE for women having to undergo emergency caesareans, as it literally the worst thing in the world to have to endure, and psychologically it damages you in a way you can't even describe.