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    Default I read this on the ABA website today. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone felt this..

    way about formula feeding mummas who really tried to breastfeed?

    "Many mothers feel a deep sense of loss when they are unable to breastfeed, either at all or for as long as they had planned. This is natural. It is important to allow yourself to feel those emotions. However, it is equally important not to think of yourself as a failure. You may not be satisfied with your experience and things may not have gone as planned, but you absolutely do not fail when it comes to breastfeeding. You do not fail your child when you have given everything you could and done everything you could do to breastfeed."

    What a nice place the world would be.

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    I am really passionate about breast feeding, and I feel that way. I think most people do, don't they?

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    I think that's nice - and tbh it surprises me to see it on the ABA website, as my impression of the ABA is that they are usually a little more 'single minded' when it comes to BF.

    However, I'd like to see an extension on that, which I think we would never see from the ABA.

    I would change this comment "You do not fail your child when you have given everything you could and done everything you could do to breastfeed."

    To this: "You do not fail your child when you have made a decision to feed them in the way that works best for your family, and you raise them in a loving home."

    I agree with all that they said, BUT I also think that the mums who decide to FF and just don't want to BF (for whatever reason) should also know that they are not failures too. Feeding your child, nurturing it, loving it, makes you a great mum.

    And Annabella - I wish I agreed with that! Unfortunately I see it so much on here, where passionate BF-ers say that they support those who haven't been able to, but - often in the same breath - pronounce that those who haven't were somehow lacking in education/ knowledge/ support, and that the issues they faced were unlikely to be insurmountable/ real. To me that isn't support.

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    Doesn't surprise me at all.
    I used the aba when my prem baby had trouble breastfeeding and they never told me that supp feeding was evil or anything. They were a great support. They helped me increase my supply, improve my letdown.. and informed me that using formula from early on would probably affect my supply.. which it did but I continued to do so.. received no judgement from them on it either. I feel the aba do a great job of presenting the facts. My mum was a breastfeeding counsellor and she is not anti formula either. She breastfed me until I wad two, and my brother she weaned early because he was "chewing her tits off." As she said.
    Girl x_ I suspect that the aba won't have a statement like that as its unlikely that someone who chooses not to bf from day dot would go to the ABA website. And they are an organisation which promotes breastfeeding, so while they may not see the choice to ff as wrong, I guess they don't see it as the preferred choice for people interested in joining them.
    Also.. I recently called the ABA for advice for weaning, which they freely give. There is no guilt or pressure.. sometimes I hear people say bad things about the ABA. But I think a lot of it comes from people feeling in themselves like they are exhausted and have tried everything they can.. so when they ring the aba and get more advice on what to do to help them breastfeed, perhaps they are already well and truly over the advice you know? Maybe there are a few nasty judgemental lc out there though.. which is a huge shame.
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