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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSudgestionator View Post

    I'd prefer to be alone then spend my life with someone who thinks those things of me.

    Just to digress....

    Keep this attitude. I had the same attitude when I left my ex and if I didn't I would still be there and I would be so incredibly unhappy. I am two years on now and my life is truly wonderful. There were tough times but it was all worth it now to get to the point I am at.

    I know this can be a PITA to hear over and over but it does get better. WAY better.

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    I got 1080$ on pps, that included 105$ rent asst,
    I got 77 a fortnight assesement for child support which ment I lost 40 dollars a fortnight.

    I payed 170 a week rent (YAY for making a smart decision and locking myself into a 12 month lease lol)
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    $641 pps $380 ftb a&b + rent assistance $62 PES and $240 Fn child support... It's a tight budget.

    My uni textbooks cost $1000+ a year. I also have a car but I bought it new & it was paid for before I left my ex it's still fairly new & reliable.

    I meal plan and cook from scratch so yes we eat lots of fresh food... Just means changing a few shopping habits and finding out where in your area has the best deal. For instance I buy from a wholesale butcher that gives a pension discount of 20% on Monday and Tuesday so $40 of meat lasts us a good 2-3 weeks.

    Don't forget with 5 days childcare the 5th day always costs more. Not sure about the other states but in Qld 1-4 days childcare win 100% CCB Is around $12 a day.

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    To sum up, I don't think I could do it if I had to rely solely on Centrelink payments, unless I was living at home or with very subsidised rent etc. I know many single parents are in situations where they have no other choice and my hat goes off to them.

    I work part time, receive whatever PPS I'm entitled to (about $250/fn) plus FTB. I receive child support now (after a year or so of nothing from the ex) which adds another $90/week. It does, however, reduce the amount of FTB and Rent assistance I would be getting so it's not as much as it sounds.

    My part time job pays a permanent wage which is slightly below average. I think. I pay a lot of rent (read $400 weekly) for two small bedrooms- cheers Sydney real estate market

    But what I came on here to say is that I am comfortable. I do share custody of the kids with the ex, which means I'm not always forking out for childcare while I'm at work. I use a bit though, which after rebates etc works out to around $80/week, plus another $80 or so for a casual babysitter I usually need to cover some hours. So say $150-200/week on childcare, depending.

    Myself and my kids are just fine. I am earning more and saving more than I ever did while partnered. I lived in a larger home then, paying a lesser proportion of rent, but I had my ex's spending habits to deal with.

    Now I have a reliable job, a good rental history and complete control over my household budget. I love that bit

    Single parenthood is definitely tough for those who face barriers to employment (such as lack of childcare, kid with special needs, remote area etc) because family payments/benefits will only cover so much. But if you can obtain a job and income of your own, you can honestly be just fine. I am


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