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    Default Toilet training

    I'm not sure if I am doing it all *wrong*
    I started ds around jan when he was 2yrs and 5m. I then had ds2 in feb so having a newborn made it tough.
    Also ds1 started to regress, saying no to sitting on the toilet.
    From approx May until now he will happily sit to do wee when I ask (but not poo) but I still put a nappy on him in between.
    I'm planning to remove nappies in spring once it warms up. He turns 3 end August.
    I guess my approach is relaxed for now. But im not sure if it was the best approach.
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    I guess the most important factor (from a Western point of view) is the child demonstrating `readiness'...showing interest in using the toilet, letting you know that they need to do a wee/poo, waking up, especially after a day sleep, with a dry nappy.
    If a child is not demonstrating some of these behaviours, then toilet training can be difficult for child and parent.
    Regression is very common after the arrival of a new now what?!

    Just watch your little one for the signs of readiness, keep it easy going and calm, and don't worry about the poos........children usually master the weeing, but the pooing can take a bit longer.


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