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    Default How do I start to move past the anger?

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I had a nasty experience with a midwife as well, and when i got home I rang up and spoke to the manager of that dept there about it, and let them know exactly how i felt. also wrote a written complaint.

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    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I was not fair. I had a terrible traumatic and cruel birth of my first son and the post traumatic stress I had afterwards was terrible , I could not stop thinking about what happened. , how disrespected my baby and me and even my husband had been, how cruel and how painful and unhelpful. I felt abused . It took two years and a beautiful second birth to get over it and also i talked to a psychologist a couple of times.

    I'm so sorry , I hope you find a way to move forward maybe a letter to the midwife outlining your absolute disgust . Mine was a dr who ordered torturous things and no pain relief at all over 19 hrs of hell and belittled me constantly . I wanted to write a letter but as many ' victims' feel like I did it was too traumatizing to go there , was I even allowed to voice my thoughts through a letter? After having such a supportive team at a new hospital and the birth of my dreams second time around I felt instantly better , I regained my strength . I really wish you all the best and I totally understand your anger and pain over this. Hugs xxxx I think at this stage you need to write it down in a letter , have a good cry and make a complaint if you feel you can go through with that . finding peace with what happened is not an easy thing , but doing something like writing a letter may help release some emotion so you can take the next step to recovery , I so hope you can find some closure like i have .


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