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    DP isn't my DS's father, so I take main responsibility for him. He still helps out where he can, not out of obligation but just because he wants to. We don't really have a set "I do this and he does that", we just take turns depending on who can be bothered doing it! Lol. But I always make him take out the bins!

    If he's done a long shift at work, I usually make him go relax afterwards while I cook dinner/do cleaning. He usually wants to help anyway, but I ban him from the kitchen and order him to sit down!!!

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    We do 50/50 at moment as we are both working full time. I finish work earlier so pick ds up from after school care get him in bath and into pjs & start getting dinner prep ready when dh gets home, changed, and said hi to ds he then takes over cooking after dinner usually he helps ds brush teeth and have s bit of a play while I clean up. We both put ds to bed & sing him a song. Mornings are shared getting lunches and breakfast & all dressed. Dh is a lot better then when ds was first born when I did everything except bath him. He was bf so did all feeds but he was an awful sleeper & I was constantly getting up to settle it didn't help that dh is a very heavy sleeper & half the time didn't here him, when I went back to work I kept trying to keep this up until it all got too much one night & dh found both me & ds in tears. He then stepped up & I would wake him to get up half the night wakes. It is a balancing act and it really depends on your situation. Sorry for long post

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    When DP is home he does 50% of everything. Because I've been with DD all day and he's hanging out to spend time with her, I tend to cook and do the clean up while he plays, does bath, etc. If she's unsettled at 4am or wakes up early he takes her for a walk or plays with her while I sleep. He's an excellent sleeper, though, so always gets plenty of sleep whereas I struggle with insomnia. The way we see it is that he works all day and I look after our daughter all day and then in the evenings we both do whatever needs doing until it's done. We don't see looking after our daughter as less important (or tiring) than paid work. We've worked together in the past and make a pretty awesome team. Once DD and future child are weaned we'll take turns being SAHP and working part time


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