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    Asothers have said, I agree it is completely natural to feel the way you do. Sometimes we are just meant to have the basket we are given. I think you should have some counselling if it gets you down to much. Best of luck with it all xx

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    Hey Webby,

    Congratulations on your new baby boy - I am sorry you have these feelings - but you know what you are really doing the right thing by letting your feelings out and having a vent to all of us here - you are celebrating a new and wonderful life created by you and your DH - a beautiful baby boy who loves his mummy so much but there is a little bit of you that is grieving - it is healthy and important to grieve and let it out as much as you need to - we are here
    I am sorry that your DH is being a bit dismissive of your feelings - men hummm sometimes they are still in the cave
    But seriously perhaps if you talked with him and told him your feelings are real and you just need a little support....I am not sure but if he is like most men they all crave that son to carry on the name..take to football..blah blah...so ask him if he had 2 daughters and not 2 sons would he now be grieiving for the son he perhaps dreamed of...maybe you could explain your feelings by putting him in your shoes would he then understand somewhat what you are going through. Validation is what you need - you can get it here anytime xx
    Take care - you will be OK xx
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