Hi ladies,

I am a registered nurse currently training to be a midwife in Perth. A part of this training is to follow pregnant ladies throughout their pregnancy birth and postpartum period. It is called the continuity of care experience, the purpose of this is to give training midwives a holistic view of the journey of pregnancy rather than just that snapshot that is birth.
I am looking for pregnant ladies in Perth less than 35 weeks pregnant who would be willing to share their journey. This would involve myself being present at a minimum of two prenatal appointments, birth and a minimum of two postpartum appointments. Women who have participated in this experience have found it very benificial in that they have been able to build a rapport with the training midwife and received familiar support throughout their pregnancy and birth.

Here is my background- I am a mother of two beautiful children born in 2004 and 2006. I am a registered nurse and since the birth of my own children I knew that my passion would be to assist women throughout one of the most important stages of their lives.

All that would be required of you is allowing me to share your journey which I understand is personal and many women wouldn't opt for this. If you are interested and live in Perth my email is claire.p.acacio@gmail.com and phone number is 0415103112. Am more than willing to provide more information on request

Many warm pregnancy wishes